Partners Van der Deijl Import

Solid partnerships

In 1997, Geraldine van der Deijl set up her own air cargo company: Deijl Cargo (now operating as Allianza Logistika). Over the years, close long-standing relationships have been built up from the office in Quinto (Ecuador), including with airlines in Ecuador. As Van der Deijl Import, we continue to foster these kinds of solid long-term partnerships with companies who meet our requirements and high standards. Who speak the same language. We carefully screen and select the businesses we work with to ensure that we know exactly what to expect from each other. This is so much more than just collaboration, we work with true partners. Partners we can be proud of.

Global growers

As Van der Deijl Roses, we operated our own rose growing companies in Ecuador and Ethiopia. That ownership has since made way for long-term, intensive international partnerships, with quality modern (rose) growers and breeders. From our office in Quito, we visit the local growers. Each and every one of these international partners is an expert grower providing high-quality products. Obviously, they meet all the criteria and have the required (international) certificates. Are you a quality flower grower who wants to become a partner of Van der Deijl Import? Contact Rob Brussee.

Wholesale, exporters, flower delivery drivers,  category managers

As a flower importer with many years’ experience, we can do the hard work for you. We know our way around the flower import business, both the actual import side of things and related activities. We understand the ins and outs of air cargo and customs formalities. What’s more, our perfect location, near Schiphol airport and ‘just around the corner of’ FloraHolland flower auction, enables us to deliver flower consignments very quickly. We meet our commitments and obligations, charge fair prices and have a very high supply reliability. Interested in the supply of roses and summer flowers? Contact us and maybe we can take care of your trade. We would love to share what we can do for you.

Unpacking and order picking

With our many years’ experience and vast network, we know exactly what partners we like to do business with. This includes the unpacking of flower shipments and the order picking process, activities we at Van der Deijl Import outsource. In Rijnsburg, we work closely with a reliable flower import unpacking company, which has an order picking system.